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Universities Of Cyprus

Cyprus has recently become one of the preferred countries for tourism and investment purposes as well as for educational purposes. At this point, Cyprus universities are one of the preferred stations for foreign students as well as Turkish students. Cyprus, which offers many opportunities for students in addition to the quality education provided, is also a home for today’s modern universities.
In addition to the education provided in almost all fields, Cyprus universities offer attractive opportunities for students and their families with their fees.In recent years, thousands of students have come to Cyprus to study in the departments they want, due to provided opportunuties such as easiness of finding home with developed cities.

What are the Universities in Cyprus?
There are 13 universities that provides education. Some of these are, Lefke Avrupa University, Girne American University, Yakın Doğu University, International Kıbrıs University, Kıbrıs İlim University, Girne University, Ada Kent University, Doğu Akdeniz University ve Kıbrıs Sosyal Bilimler University. This 9 universities, especially known as Cyprus Universities, it is known that these universities have more than 90thousand students. In addition, some opportunities offered to students contribute to the preference of universities and makes the island a complete student island.

• The first of the opportunity offered by universities is the advantage of providing scholarships up to 100%. Other scholarship opportunuties are 50% and 75%.
• Although the living conditions are also a bit expensive compared to Turkey, though transportation and other opportunities offered to students.
• While the scores of the Cyprrus universities are also very low, they are open to the preferences of many students.
• Education is offered to students in social sciences, science, fine arts and many other fields.
• There are many facilities for students to go and turn back to Turkey.

Base Points of Cyprus Universities
Cyprus, which is one of the most important educational stops of recent times, provides students with a low score advantage and thank to that, most students are able to study in these 13 universities even if they have low scores. There are more than 100 thousand students from Cyprus universities and they also offer accommodation to students. 70 percent of the students are Turkish citizens and 30 percent are foreign nationals.

Although it varies from university to university, base points of Law Faculties are varying between 315 and 379 points. According to 2019 datas, scores announced for Architecture Faculties are between 249 and 300 points, for Civil Engineering 260 points and above, for Computer Engineering 248 points and above, for Business Administration 228 points and above, for Primary School Teaching 326 points and above. Overall scores are lower than those of private universities in Turkey and scholarship opportunities are quite large.