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Beautiful, Peaceful, Profitable…

North Cyprus is waiting for you with its pristine natural beauty, peaceful and calm life, the opportunity to raise your children in a safe environment, various social opportunities, attractive and profitable investment opportunities.

Northern Cyprus, which continues to develop with 25 universities and many high-standard hotel investments, provides a very high rental income for your investment.



Comfortable and Safe Life


Living in European Standards




 Sea / Beach


Wealth of Historical and Cultural Values






Rapid Development of Infrastructure




Food Culture


 Real Estate Sector



Here is NORTHERN CYPRUS, it has been always on demand in every period of history for strategic, political, commercial and religious reasons and it has always been island which has never lost its charm.

Here is NORTHERN CYPRUS, which hosts the Neolithic settlements where the first civilizations developed, and also the ancient city kingdoms reflecting the splendor of the Roman period, the shelter of the Crusades, the most magnificent country of Lusignan, a royal house of French origin, the most important port of the Venetian merchants in the east and the stronghold of Ottoman in Eastern Mediterranean.

Here is NORTHERN CYPRUS, which hosts the harbor fortress from where the English writer William Shakespeare was inspired to write his famous tragedy “Othello”?

Here is NORTHERN CYPRUS, the country which inspired “Sleeping Beauty”, the famous cartoon character of Walt Disney, through Saint Hilarion Castle…

Here is NORTHERN CYPRUS, the mysterious representative of history with the most spectacular Gothic monuments in the Eastern Mediterranean…

Here is NORTHERN CYPRUS, the island where Leonardo Da Vinci contributed to the city defense plan of Famagusta, and the drawing on the tablecloth of his invaluable ‘The Last Supper of Christ’ , inspired by the Lefkara Lace of Cyprus with ‘Dare Motif’.

Here is NORTHEN CYPRUS, the island on where Lawrence Durell authored Bitter Lemons, where  Intercontinental Faith intersect, and which is  purchased from Richard the Lionheart by the Knights Hospitaller, the subject of the Da Vinci Code,  against 100 thousand Byzantine gold and dominated by them for a year….

Here is NORTHERN CYPRUS,  on which Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is born, which hosts her love for Adonis, also known as the island of love which witnessed the immortal mythological love of the sculptor King Pygmalion, who fell in love with the impeccable statue of ideal woman…

Here is NORTHERN CYPRUS, ready to embrace you with its richness of 10 thousand years of historical and cultural heritage, sunny and peaceful environment which will warm you more than 300 days of the year, magnificent nature and untouched beaches.

1 – Comfortable and Safe Life

Living conditions in Cyprus are much more comfortable and easier than in other countries. It is not difficult to live a life in Cyprus where you can spare yourself time, find peace and live without fear. Even in the most touristic and popular cities of the island, you will not generally have any safety problems.

2 – Living in European Standards

As a commonwealth country, Northern Cyprus is dominated by British culture. For this reason, European standards are developed, there is a high level of civilization and education.

3 – Climate

Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and the climate is at least as attractive as the island itself. You can extend your summer holiday almost 6 months in Cyprus where the sun shows its warm face in 12 months of the year and you can also swim in spring and autumn periods. The winter months are short and rainy. The concepts of cold winds, frost and snow are unheard in Northern Cyprus.

4 – Sea / Beach

The clear seas and golden sandy beaches of Northern Cyprus where nature offers magnificent beauties await its guests. Golden Beach is one of the most unspoilt beaches of the Mediterranean Sea with its magnificent coastline and azure waters extending over 2 km around the Karpas Peninsula. In this beautiful island where you can find the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in the world, the water temperature in the sea is 28 degrees in summer.

5 – Wealth of Historical and Cultural Values

Cyprus, which has been a center of attraction throughout history, has hosted all the civilizations of the past, while preserving its own culture and hosting it on its territory. It is possible to come across the traces of history at every step and to witness the mysterious testimony of the past. Traces of Venice, Lusignan, Byzantine, Ottoman, British and many more. Soli City, Vouni Palace and St. Mamas Monastery in Güzelyurt/Lefke Town, Kyrenia Castle, Bellapais Monastery, St. Hilarion Castle in Kyrenia, Venetian Walls, St. Sophia Cathedral, Arab Ahmet Houses, Büyük Han (Great Inn) in Nicosia, Venice Palace, Namık Kemal Dungeon and St. Nicholas Cathedral in Famagusta, Salamis Ancient City, St. Barnabas Monastery, Apostolos Andreas Monastery in İskele/Karpas are just a few to name among the cultural heritage which waits for you.

6- Education

There is the opportunity to study English at world standards from pre-school to university level.

7 – Tourism

Touristic accommodation facilities offer different alternatives to holidaymakers, which exceed their expectations. It offers you different options with its luxury hotels, family businesses and boutique and eco-tourism hotels constructed in recent years. In addition, casinos operating in many countries of the world such as USA, Germany, China and Australia also operate legally in our country. The casinos available in 5-star hotels on the island attract much interest as gambling tourism.

8 – Rapid Development of Infrastructure

  • In 2015, as Water Supply Project for TRNC, the first and only system in the world with pending pipes crossing the Mediterranean sea from Turkey to the TRNC was installed 250 m under water surface. With this project; the long-term water requirements of the TRNC will be met and it will provide an additional income of 80 million TL annually to the farmers living in this region through agricultural irrigation.
  • Efforts to deliver electric energy from the Republic of Turkey to our country are also initiated. Upon delivery of electricity to our island, it will provide many advantages such as decreasing the cost of electricity in the country, the use of clean energy, and the ability to sell electricity to many countries.
  • The Ercan Airport project, which is 6 times larger, is planned to be completed at the end of 2019, aims international flights from New Ercan Airport.
  • With the completion of the double road network including the northern and eastern coastal roads, safer and easier transportation will be possible in the country.
  • The privatization of telephone and electricity institutions in the TRNC is expected to increase efficiency.
  • The country’s Internet infrastructure is upgraded to 5G.
  • With the transfer of the Famagusta Freight Port to the Kalecik region, the current Famagusta Freight Port will be transformed into a tourism port and the city will welcome history and tourism again. The project covers many areas such as open-air amphitheater, concert hall, cultural venues, museums, hotels, conference center, marine facilities, sports fields, commercial and entertainment areas and cruise terminal.

9 – Shopping

You have the opportunity to purchase many world brands at much more affordable price than in Turkey and Europe. Similarly, cigarette and alcohol prices are nearly half of the prices in Turkey.

10 – Food Culture

One of the first things that come to mind when we talk about Cyprus is delicious food. Here are just a few of the dishes you should taste in Cyprus:

  • Hellim Cheese
  • Walnut Paste
  • Magarina Bulli
  • Peach Kebab
  • Lalangi
  • Molehiya
  • Gullurikya
  • Samarella
  • Oven Kebab (Kleftiko)

11 – Real Estate Sector

One of the most important real estate investment destinations of recent times, Cyprus has become the first destination for both investors and holidaymakers. In particular, obtaining a residence permit from European countries requires extreme requirements, whereas you can get a residence permit in Cyprus in a short time by just buying a house. The rate of return on investment in Cyprus varies between 8 and 12 years in foreign currency and many projects are guaranteed for lease. Thus, your real estate pays for itself. As rents and prices are in foreign currency, real estates maintain their value and increase in foreign currency. There is an expected possibility of integration with the European Union and the world due to the possibility of a solution at any moment in Cyprus.

Did you know these?

  • Did you know that the castle pictured in the cartoon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by Walt Disney is inspired from Saint Hilarion Castle?
  •  Did you know that 97% of the ancient city of Salamis is still buried under the sea and sand?
  • Did you know that Marcus Antonius, the famous general of the Roman Emperor Julius Ceasar, gave the island of Cyprus to Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, as an expression of his love?
  • Did you know that Kyrenia Shipwreck, one of the oldest sunken ships in the world, which dates back to 300 BC, is exhibited in Kyrenia Castle?
  • Did you know that the famous English writer Lawrence Durell lived in the village of Bellapais between 1953 and 1956 and wrote his ‘Bitter Lemons’ there?
  •  Did you know that the Flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, located on the southern slope of the Beşparmak Mountains, is the largest painted and illuminated flag in the world, measuring 450 × 225 meters?
  • Did you know that ‘Brandy Sour’, a popular drink on the island, was first prepared in 1947 for King Farouk of Egypt who visited Cyprus?
  •  Did you know that Cyprus host the harbor fortress from where the English writer William Shakespeare was inspired to write his famous tragedy “Othello”?
  • Did you know that Cyprus is where Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is born, which hosts her love for Adonis, also known as the island of love which witnessed the immortal mythological love of the sculptor King Pygmalion, who fell in love with the impeccable statue of ideal woman?
  • Did you know that Margaret Mackenzie McAlpine known as Peggy, completed her Tandem Paraglide Flight to gain her title as the “Oldest Female Person To Paraglide Tandem” and it gained her a Guinness World Record?